The Sprinkled Rulers

Would it not be a chockfull delight to wake up and find the unclean clean, the estranged accepted, and the accused exonerated?  It would if you have the relevant attitude towards marginalized people.  The sprinkling and the outcomes in this scenario are a snapshot essentially a dispersal process and the sprinkler is the Lord’s highly exalted Servant (caps are mine) who at the time bears the marks of disfigurement, and more so than any human.  The sprinkled nations and silenced kings are a pictire of second rate experience, premature and immature knowledge.

Silent kings “see” and “consider”

So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

Isaiah 52:15

Miracle or catastrophic sarcasm of shallowness ?

  • the kings shall shut their mouths at him:
  • they see that which had not been told them
  • they consider that which they had not heard

It is perfectly okay for kings to shut their mouths when the Highly Exalted Servant is mentioned, but we cannot with any soundness of mind believe that people, kings or not, (a) can consider things that they have never heard or (b) they can scratch their beards or nod their heads and say “I see” when nothing was declared.

This saying is preparation for the generation that will refuse to believe and pretend that they have been paying attention, that they understand and have the right opinion of matters,  which it turns out they have not actually heard or seen. That reminds me of Bible study that does everything except read the text. The sprinkled kings are the generation with itching ears who have experienced only a few drops of divine sprinkling and who, after seeing the true wonders of God, do not believe.  Isaiah asks next “Who believes our report?” We know the answer.  A chosen half-baked few for now.