Insurrection, infamy, and indecency

The cheering on Capitol Hill on January 6 showed again the disease that swirls all over the globe in chat groups, in patriotic videos, in official and unofficial houses of influence.  The conservative and republican dream is built on a circle of lies, mainly a caricature of both Judaism and Christianity.   Two centuries of gummed up confessions and the conspiracy to support less government and more big and small businesses is an assault against the people. Legislators and leaders of service and religious organizations are implicated in the seditious assault on the Capitol and the best constitution drafted by humans.  If the people are dependent on insurrection, infamy and indecency it should not surprise us that the head is an egotistical buffoon who sees and pursues nothing but the three I’s.

Indecency towards Africans gets no forgiveness

Repeating the lie that the population  can be divided into us and them is pure perfidy, a misguided imitation of the Israelite Commonwealth and the rest of humanity. Discrimination is wrong in every age. Stop thinking that God authorized xenophobia or that he does not have answers when we raise our voices in protest.

No segment of American society is innocent in the maintenance of a cruel and uncaring system of employment standards, unequal access to education and even fresh produce.  When politicians decide to address the nation’s soul, its divided interests and forceful rejection of humanity, we will see change.

The parade of the losers rolled to a jarring halt as the partisan tide changed.  The counting of the votes could only be delayed.   The wheels fell off the bus with the Georgia senate wins and the hole in the heads of Republican senators and representatives revealed the void that lay beyond the lies about election fraud; malice towards Blacks, poor people and immigrants.

A nation’s good deeds and its  figleaf

It was inevitable that the elected persons  protesting  the election of Joe Biden would drop their clamour once the homicidal revolution the Christian right and white nationalists were groping for came to light.  Judges claiming to stick close to the letter of the law cannot do what washed up hero lawyers and generals wish.  None of a nation’s good deeds and daring acts of courage can atone for its harbouring of injustice as normal for some people. There is no adequate figleaf for the nation that offends by tripping up the blind and oppressing the poor. At some point law gets changed and it is not new law that makes the difference. It is the return to the template of the American dream and recognition of reasonable progress.

Ass shenanigans