Scramble to disown the obvious

Not one soul has tried pointing the finger at the alliance that is responsible for the 45th president’s election. It seems that the poor megalomaniac is taking the blame for the corruption in the world. Identifying the persons in the seditious mob and to whom they were listening is easy. The lies, hatred, and the thefts belong to those with a record of the same.  There seems to he no mirror  – neither divine law nor human models – for self-examination in the homes of certain people these days. 45 is a mere puppet and that is why he needs to appear in charge of everything and try disown, in concert with his Christian allies, even the obvious.

Seditious folly

The church and its leadership are equally sedition-prone.  The vast majority of Christians have discarded Yeshua as the absolute ruler of the church, and they openly reject the task of equipping the saints to do ministry.  How many saints do we know that have been given the tools to do what the leaders do?  It is clear that many are accessing the apostolic messages after they have been chewed, and spit out by someone else.  Apart from their confession that they have had an encounter with the Risen Christ – which we respect – they have no eyewitness credibility. They have put in his place their own apostles, prophets, prelates, bishops, and must be recognized as vegetarians who cannot get enough flesh to eat. There is real paranoia about the church losing, dying or in one way or another suffer debilitating attacks. They have such a poor estimate of the church’s progress and destiny.

Fresh food and fools gold

The gap between the New Testament Christ and 21st century Christians has been growing as on every continent idols and ignorance about what Christ did and said increases.

Catholics and Protestants are responsible for the monster that attacks every decent standard and ignores the cries for justice.  The ordinary citizen knows that morality is more than a set of rules, especially rules that can be changed.  Our Christian citizenship binds us to the Messenger of the Covenant, not to the law and the prophets.

Do you have any idea how people are ordained as ministers of the word who can barely read their own language? That problem is addressed with English grammar. This is what church has come to. Savage wolves ravaging the flock.

Not one person in the seditious mob has admitted to being guided by a Democratic official, all confess that they were following potus45, an incorrigible criminal and puppet of the evangelical churches.

The moral centre of spiritual life is not law, prophets, Church practice, and secular law.

Surpassing righteousness

“For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:20

Pushing Yeshua aside for a tryst with the arm of flesh will dimishes Christians credibility. That is like Israel’s help from Egypt, at one time approved and necessary (Genesis 15:13 50:20), but prohibited in Israel’s later history.

The folly of secular help

Good luck may attend the search – in  the 21st century – for Christian morality but the cross stands undisturbed and invincible as absolutely redemptive of the lost and fully supportive of those who have eternal life.