The Alliance of the Secular and the Sacred

The all stops pulled strategy against Paul is evident when he comes to trial before the government under charges by the Sanhedrin.   It surely should have been sufficient for the council to arraign, detain, and try Paul.  That they brought the charges to the governor and had a lawyer in tow shows they wanted something from the secular government that the religious power was not authorized to do (24:1).  Kill their perceived opponent.

After five days the high priest Ananias came down with some elders, with an attorney named Tertullus, and they brought charges to the governor against Paul.

Acts 24:1

The church over the last two millennia has not learned from the corruption that swept her up by her being naively friendly with secular power.  Roman church abuses, Protestant tyranny in Europe,  orthodox silence in the eastern bloc, and the evangelical delusion about a Christian nation.
None of the good things expected from a moral majority, patriotism or civic pride are in the league of the trustworthy promise of the kingdom life.

Some” elders, “a certain” lawyer Tertullus are terms that make the case for dangerous behavior by people in authority.

πρεσβυτερων τινων και ρητορος τερτυλλου τινος

I suspect that “some” elders indicates (a) the high priest did not invite all the elders of the council and (b) he selected those known to be hostile to Yeshua’s followers.  Also under suspicion is the choice of Tertullus, for the same reason.

Beware the religious right, left, and centre!