Moving on without the truth

A host of lying segregationist religious and political figures want to move past the despicable incitement of violent overthrow of the United States government. Since 2016 the crimes of the 45th president only became more acceptable to the Republican party and to a dangerous number of people who are willing to believe, repeat and do anything that comes from a source they think is patriotic. The latest voice trying to stop the application of law and justice to the unspeakable abominations of the 45th president is the former ambassador Haley. Give the former president “a break” she begs. Oh yeah, turn 50 blind eyes in the Senate to the truth, turn the millions of deaf ears on Christian radio to ministerial neglect of the gospel, and turn off your mouth if you are .99 notches below an eyewitness to the legacy of Yeshua of Nazareth.

Rubio calls impeaching the former president “stupid”. It is never late to pursue justice and stupid as a label comes in packages of two with self-adhesive versions. Him and Ted Cruz stand out as ambitious candidates for thoughtless and at least deliberately forgetful, and rightfully credibility-free.

Meanwhile on the dark web people I thought were serious about research and righteousness are stumbling all over themselves trying to deny that they are deep down the shameful political pit pushing the delusional evangelical playbook. The leaders on the dark web are our pastors and their lackeys and that playbook belongs to people like Haley, Rubio, and Cruz, all powerbrokers lost in a cloud of their own flatulence.