Texas breaks like a loser

We often observe human ingenuity and courage most clearly in places where the need is.  All the nations that have preserved their independence and the very identity of their branch of the hunan family deserve medals, but unlike many of the pundits and bandits of public information I know there is one gold medal entity among the states of our times. Texas is indeed fabulous for its industrious people, its innovation in public safety, and its readiness to secede as well as claim national pride in the Union, but global history assures us that giants of every measure break.

Superpower safety and political

Under a winter storm – a thing that all of Canada faces every year – the strawmen behind Texan public safety, politician accountability and solidarity with the citizens show up in high definition.

When the mighty, like Texas, tumble in this way there is little to expect from the threats of redoing the revolutionary war beside the breaking of the rebels.

If a snake did not slither we would pinch ourselves, but when the shards of a broken giant are on the floor we can be certain the buck stops with those who indulge the delusions of a criminal head of state and, perhaps increasingly, the Republican Party.