Another sample from the dark Christian web

The host asks,  “did Trump tell the people to peacefully and patriotically march to down to the Capitol and make their voices heard or did he tell them to go cause an insurrection?”

“Peaceful patriots” shows an idiot’s wit

People can believe whatever they choose but half-baked experts like the hosts of many chat groups touting White Evangelical political rubbush should be exposed. That opening paragraph is an example of what is happening in the dark Christian web. One strategically placed sentence with the words “peacefully” and “patriotically” can fool the simpletons. Who on the planet does not know that patriots kill their neighbours who do not agree with them?

Host explains

Am (sic) just trying to find out if we are still interested facts and evidence or if the sky is really falling into a social justice mindset.

Host leads towards Republican talking points

So, how about the evidence: The riot was planned in advance, the FBI knew and others knew about,  even your fake news CNN, Don Lemon, acknowledged it was planned.

One of the arguments made today and factually so, there was no due process in the impeachment trial.

But does (sic) really matter? The Left is morally and ethically sound, while the right is evil and racist.

The host, in this case, happens to be a history buff, a professor in a diploma mill of which I have some familiarity.  The host, semi-literate and completely Alex in Wonderland, is a boy I now know to be a sycophant, who could not separate an interview for ordination from a group recitation, plunges on with theories about western civilization, and little evidence of a relationship with the Risen Christ.

This export is a sample of what the idolatrous deniers of the evil of the African slave trade are engaged in. Among them we have many supporters of prostitution of the Christian faith in the service of White empire.

Cowards and revolutionaries

The host has shown he knows how to enlist people to follow bottom-feeders. The entire process is designed to bamboozle people with sensationalism and sheer ignorance (such as healing in the atonement, miracles from the commemorative Lord’s Supper, the terror of losing one’s salvation, and necromancy).  The few who get inspired to pursue a theological education get shortchanged with degrees that contain very little (every subject is an overview) of the substance of biblical theology and even less of Christian theology. They are too cowardly to jump into the pool with real revolutionaries like Mark,  Peter,  Paul, Luke,  and John.  The now disgraced 45 did not have the guts to march with his followers to the Capitol, and he also has spent 0 hours in service to the American people, but he wants violent revolutionary change.  The Black preachers who reject the struggle of Black people should never open their mouths to support Marcus, Malcolm or Martin.  They and their White pals can sing Marley’s One Love with all their heart knowing full well that the late Haile Selassie (Marley’s hero) was a genuine Christian and one of the few reliable voices in the modern world. They have spent 0 hours with the Crucified.

The host “can’t understand how some Christians can support a political party that sees Christianity as a white supremacist/ oppressive religion”.

The silence of the White and Black church in Canada is support for racism. We can confidently report that encouraging misogyny and illiteracy are no part of a godly pattern.  No wise Christian will make a show of his political convictions. Have you listened to an American preacher recently? If Jesus is not an add-on to the end of their presentation he is the Santa Claus they refuse to name.

A blind eye on corruption

This host knows that people who cannot read should not be ordained to Christian ministry so he introduces English grammar to the curriculum to try to cover up the fact that dozens of illiterate persons have been ordained. This host, colleague of mine in what isnow clearly a certificate and diploma mill, and his cowardly friends reject the study of Greek and Hebrew.  They obviously prefer to spend their days circulating conservative tropes and bullying anyone who addresses the facts of politics and religion with Christ-centred views.

When a six course program hours gets cut in half and the vision bends towards quick and easy certification via Zoom we can be certain that educators are in the pig pen eating husks. It would not surprise me to find that he also pushes the King James translation as essential reading.

These people are snowflakes with no mind of their own rising on hot air.