Cut the “law and order” crap

The cold pretentious heart of a law-abiding nation was on display the day a man sworn to uphold the law choked the life out of a defenceless man in his custody.
No-one should think that God has any blessings beyond sunshine and rain for a nation that sinks below jackasses and cows, and no such nation can be expected to show forth the excellence that is exclusively the heavenly Father’s to share. A nation must at least remember its foundation and sustenance – the owner and the dinner table. The legacy of law and order is to bring to light the fact that rebellon continues and humanity has only the pretense of being in a healthy relationship.

There are only shipwrecks in the history of religions morphing into viable culture.

If people insist that there are individuals in the North American context who have never demonstrated the vileness included in the genesis of our nations then there is little reason to hope for a just society. They have been simply preparing to say “this nation is not responsible for the original and persistent sin of the nation”. The politicians who call themselves conservative and Christian are not friends of the gospel agenda. Peace, benevolence, and cooperation are priorities that often abandoned under the pretext of self-defence, nationalism, and a self-centred extremism. No religious group I know has put the pretexts ahead of a humane approach and not succeeded in bringing people together in creative and bold ways with integrity of process and content. I can say for Christians that a lot more needs to come out of the shell and bring more to the table of what is true and other. The other guy is not all wrong, and a look in the mirror will prove that. Theological problems are huge, but right where we all live, work and play are all the parts of an enlightened society. The process that brings us to renewal has never been adherence to law.

The diversity in a North American family, the integrity of villages and towns, the geographical boundaries and the jurisdictions they enclose make us the ripe fruit for the feast of genuine order and safety. I know that there are people who do not think they need any collective safety, and there are some who see no need to be saved. Faith and spirituality are not tools for civic government.

In all the fortresses of Christian theology the terminus is God’s will as obedience to all that He has spoken is an ostrich-like response to supreme grace. The approach by law severs the one supposedly coming to God from any of the benefits of Christ’s sacrifice. It is a grave error to pin salvation to anything beside the cross (atonement at Golgotha).

When the name “Yeshua” is at the centre that should include his authority as the fulfiller, not a recycler of Moses and the prophets. If there are pastors of Yeshua’s people they will not be caught pulling the law and order wool over those eyes that are supposed to be fixed on the Lifted-up Christ? These are the offensive helpers of who Yeshua spoke.

These are hidden reefs at your love feasts, as they feast with you without fear, shepherds feeding themselves; waterless clouds, swept along by winds; fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead, uprooted;

Jude. 1:12