Masters of neo-idolatry

A professor of history and a pastor who was forced to choose to teach English grammar for a price (when it is available for free to all residents of Ontario) can be expected to push discoveries of snow to the Inuit. His latest regurgitation is captured below.

“It has become quite clear to me, at this point, that what we are seeing taking place within America and more broadly the West, is the rise of witchcraft- any attempt to control, to intimate, and manipulate people to get them to do and believe what you want them to.”

Professor as Host (of a darkweb brainwashing group)

Professor discovers witchcraft

There are psychics practicing their craft openly in my neighbourhood and you will find one in yours by googling or by searching the local newspaper. Consulting with a spirit who is not clearly identified as the Eternal GOD is deadly, and if one can converse with the dead for guidance that is necromancy. The medium and the psychic are engaged in the same craft: acting as knowledgeable in secret things. For someone who knows what pastors do in pursuit of influence the things they actually know that are intended shine the spotlight on the Bible’s message include neither history nor language. There is

For a guy who believes that the United States and the United Kingdom are bastions of righteousness with both Christian and Jewish values as the foundation witchcraft is never more than a stone’s throw away. Having rejected both Christ and the Bible as foundation of spiritual life he and his evangelical colleagues can be expected to impose the law of Moses when I was just like these in this age they are ready to stone – prosecute and condemn- people.

Saying what we read in the Bible does not transform us

The Risen Christ has no law that governments are capable of “enforcing”. These instructors pretend to be apologists, and will cite “great” apologists of our times, but will not even aspire to do what a true apologist does. Highlighting the word witchraft then interpreting it as manipulation and intimidation ignores the facts of Israelite Roman and Greek witchcraft. Sorcery is alive and well in the evangelical churches. They talk about the law of God, in particular The ten Commandments without the seventh day sabbath, and they refer to Christ as only Lord and only Saviour and add a partner to him in the person of Moses or whichever of their leaders they want to elevate to some kind of authority. They are equally lazy to equip the saints in their care to be anything more than plagiarists, copycats, spin doctors, sycophants and masters of idolatry.