Biblical but bogus

Even when the holy book is in  hand or on the lectern a lot of biblical speech is historical and political revision without the facts.  Only extreme malice and deceit can result from people wanting kingdoms with no king, doctors that do not heal and saviours that do not save.   We should not be too surprised to see holy things in the service of evil.  There is no  explanation of twisted wisdom and folklore becoming truth except that biblical can be entirely bogus.

Time boundaries

The first thing to notice – let us call it a key – about the term biblical is that it refers to two collections of writings or books written in two distinct eras.  Deny that and a fall is bound to happen. Ignore the distinction in original languages too and  the climb turns on to slide down a muddy slope. One is old and the other is new.

Narrative lines

The second key is that the storytelling takes two routes. One focuses on a people and their journey, and the other tells the story of a man.

Unity of messsge

Taking the message about kingdom and priesthood literally and as final can end in sterility and distortion if the lines are not separated.  The same is true of promise and inheritance.  Aaronic priesthood as the ruling component of a society is not compatible with the divine regard for all human beings.  People cannot be at the same time acceptable to God and unfit for fellowship with His people (see Acts 15)

Who can serve as priest

The science of foundation stones

A people and a building share both process and end result.  The foundation of the Aaronic kingdom on one tribe in one country in the 2nd millennia BC pales in comparison to the global and eternal priesthood of God’s anointed.

We have never seen Christ selling anything. We have not seen him condemn a soul to death. It is not because he cannot or has no choice. “Biblical”, as ling as it means being in the Bible, can no longer be a reason to believe or act.