The stopping and frisking of Giuliani

America’s mayor is feeling the heat of law enforcement after decades of trampling on citizen’s rights.  If he was truly a warrior for the law he may have rooted his policies and initiatives in the American Constitution.  If he had a pair of noble bones in his body he might have recognized the twice-impeached and white supremacist 45th president as an angry bear from which to flee.  Not Rudy.  He, when served a warrant for his electronic devices by the FBI, reportedly tried to sell them two hard drives containing the GOP conspiracy about the current president’s son.  There should be no question about what follows the frisking of Rudy Giuliani who thinks he has explained away his stopping and frisking Black Americans.

Lightning, thunder, rain

There are many voices publishing what we assume are the passions and priorities of the masses.  I suppose the angels in heaven thought that Lucifer, the covering cherub, and his crew, numbering 33% of all the angelic host, were the masses.  Lucifer’s crew were attempting to unseat God and short circuit the messianic mission.  America has no department of injustice.  Miscarriages of justice and infamous deeds arise in  every place where people are focused on being active.  A hard drive with Russian-generated information is not needed to sink the boat of violent, white nationalist sentiment.  Here comes combat for Mr. Giuliani; combat unlike the kind with which he challenged the system of government.  It is time for Rudy to lawyer up, pack up his extra-judicial gig, and call off the “drug deals” to benefit the properly fired egomaniac of Mar a Lago.  Justice is about to rain on Giuliani’s parade.

From America’s Mayor to Major Inciter of a third of the hosts of the Hard Right Follies.