The peace of the sword

If you have seen military strategists discuss their campaigns you know they do not aim at becoming friendly neighbors with the foe.  If you are a follower of developments in South Africa or the affairs of First Nations in Canada, Brazil or Australia you will know that people who feel that they have conquered their neighbours do not even consider giving up their conquests without their feet being held to the fire.

People who think themselves above all others and not subject to human laws because of geography or legislation do not care enough for their own children to change their minds and the courageous things for the wider family of humanity.  Herein lies the problem with the path to peace in Palestine.  Family tradition in competiton with family tradition ends in misery.  Noone need to be reminded that religious zeal has not yet generated a neighborhood.  People need hearts like Abraham (yes, he of Ur of the Chaldees)

“You are the Lord God, Who chose Abram And brought him out from Ur of the Chaldees, And gave him the name Abraham.

Nehemiah 9:7

If the most vigorous and extensive searches of the of the Torah, the New Testament, and the Quran have not brought us yet to the point where people can sit down and be humane with each other none of the discussions at the United Nations or in any of the world’s power-capitals or in the Levant itself will bring Jerusalem the peace she deserves.

After the nations have tried and the overexertion has injuted them peace will seep in through the walls of synagogue, mosque and church, because the truth about Israel (Peleshet/Canaan) is also the truth about Ishmael and the truth of the gospel is the end of tribalism apart from religious law and not in answer to civic regulations. If Abraham’s business – migration, nomadic lifestyle, famine, wealth, testing of his character and divine revelation- is a superlative thing then all the known bloodletting zealots do not recognize what is good. The only sword to be associated with peace, without the shameful hatred that has been robbing innocent families for centuries, has to be God’s message in its simplest form. Some people really do not know! It comes down to the lies people call truth: in this case the hateful hype about a Jewish-dominated Jerusalem. No peace can come with a sword in human hands.