A world without servants

Mr. Lincoln, president of the United States, emancipator of slaves, was not a denier of basic truths. We need to stop stumbling over the dreams of wicked European colonists. People are allowed to have servants. A family that can afford to have “help” is able to carve out productive and creative time for all. God made Eve as helper for Adam. God has myriads of angels. America, like Egypt, has transformed a civilized practice into a policy of abject inhumanity and oppression.

A world with no servants is an abyss of stagnation

The conviction that led to the emancipation of slaves is hard to find today, hundreds of years after Lincoln’s bold vision came to him. The people who use Bible narratives to justify what the United States did and wants to keep doing to Africans are generally considered to be corrupt, ignorant and evil. They are wrong, just like Lincoln said their masterplan was.