Missed the memo, skipped the beef

For a few years I have watched a tree put out faded leaves at the end of spring that makes it look like autumn has begun.  I do not know if every grove has a tree that looks like it missed or skipped over  the summer memo and launched into its autumn  repertoire.  Societies all over the globe are pretending to have moved on from their nasty past.  Some dare to say they accept every person, all faiths, and yet there are no international moves to curb the outdated reliefs from perennial tensions. I find it conclusive that in the age of widespread access to media and lifestyle information that any entity can use the excuse that it has a higher duty to defend its juvenile state at all costs, and will not be convinced that it missed the memo and skipped the beef.

Every nation does have something unique to offer but not one is a model for the rest. All the mighty and great have crumbled into heaps of apathy. How could all the nation-builders have missed God’s memo for the nations?