My son and I wrote this piece of music on Canada Day 2021. The lyrics came slowly all day right up to July 01’s 23rd hour, making for perfect timing since I had no intention of saying “Happy Canada Day” on Canada Day. Solidarity with Canada’s First Nations in their existential struggle is an ongoing priority for a caring Canada.

STAIRCASE by Kyu and Ganjy

It’s not hard to believe, it  happened right here
Many graves are telling us how little we’ve cared
Happy and innocent lives crushed with colonial fear
Happening in plain sight right beside houses of prayer

The children’s voices are loud and clear
Peace for the survivors and a readiness to hear
The children’s stories some did not believe
Stories that are the truth we must now receive

Sure you took the staircase down
Robbed us of home and school
Canada you  played the clown
Now let’s take the staircase up
From border to border to border let’s pursue
Until justice be the rule

Happier national days come after the political game
Stops treating First Nations like objects of shame
When inhumanity and police brutality
disappear like wonen and children with no accountability

Comes a time to move on, is that today?
Apologize and not correct what we do or say
Let every human heart feel our neighbour’s pain
Genocide’s on our record, let it never happen again