What a wonderful place to find preaching women

hammabasROTE, from basar, he preached good news, in its participle form, with a feminine plural ending (ot), and having the definite article hav prefixed.

This word comes from basar, via mabasar, and hammabasrah. He evangelized, an “evangelizer”, and the evangelizing females.

Take the pulse of Psalm 68 and you will find some pleasant surprises. This one, female preachers,  is completely shocking.  We have to ask who they were and who really witnrssed their authorization them. We just might have tons of fun tracking down these female preachers in the sea of male domination.  Or is Psalm 68 a lot of hype about what the ideal might look like?  The thrill of such a world is to me most attractive because the religious world is still full self-loving males contrary to the sibling equality that defines all of God’s people.

It may be a pipe dream because no one can find the grounds for imagining that women will ever find themselves at the top of Judaism’s covenant services. Equally unpalatable is the notion that people calling themselves a kingdom can stand not having a king. We can see a wonder coming and few people seem to recognize its character or are willing to let a movement of women preachers proceed. That is no wonder.