Favourite Flop

A spark flies when we get a chance to express ourselves in regards to a fav verse from the Bible which might well be a blazing fire.  The range of the fire’s intensity can be a shocking 0 to 9.99, with 0 being a total fav flop.

  • Range 0, the verse is wrested from its socket to say something other than it says
  • Range 1, the reader makes a corporate statement send out a personal message
  • Range 3, the verse has only  typical value, no spiritual value
  • Range 4, a single word becomes the centre of the fav application
  • Ranges 5 to 9.99, there is a conscious attempt to discern every possible nuance intended by the writer, with increasing relevance to the redemptive purposes of Christ’s

Breaking faith with accountability

It may feel great to say “this verse means much to me” because such and such is happening in my life. Isaiah 54 has the popular theme of Maker-Husband-Redeemer but some serious abuse is in the making if the reader forgets that the verse is addressed to a barren woman whom God intends to vindicate.

If you are a leader you can make multitudes stumble by your lack of diligence (perhaps humility too) to get the fav verse from the mouth of the writer. Yeshua’s God and Father wants a one-on-one with all of us, and we do best when our feet are firmly in contact with the church’s foundation, the words of the New Testament writers.

Next time you do a fav verse thing, try, please, to float to the top. Do not flop.