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Death and its forgettable medium

Complete with basement grammar and threats

There will come a time when all who supported the New World Order of Globalist and Capitalist will have buyers remorse. Owners of Freedom now has to buy it back with a price; their life, their dignity and their respect.

I remember a saying “freedom comes with a price”, “there is a price to pay for freedom ” and “nothing in this world is for free”. Well the Capitalist and the Globalist are making sure humanity walk that talk.

Be careful what you keep repeating, you will end up living.

BREAKING: From September 13, New South Whales residents that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be given new freedoms.

Residents of hotspots can leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour, while people in other areas can meet five others outdoors.

People, especially semiliterate Christians, who have never stood up for any cause beside personal worldly benefit and who have done nothing but repeat stupid slogans and asinine soundbytes about a Judeo-Christian civilization should listen to themselves.

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