Dying in denial

If God arranged for airliners and cruise ships to take Africans back to Africa and reverse the effects of the transatlantic slave trade many descendants of the slaves would be shocked and not see the point of such an intervention.  We assumed that all of the democratic governments had committed themselves to legislative supremacy and yet the political parties vilify and excoriate each other.  Every astute observer knows that judges, lawyers, police officers, religious leaders, business owners and ordinary citizens know that corruption and cover has kept alive the deception of virtue and philanthropy.  Some nations spare neither effort nor resources to keep their populations in the dark and in chains.  Aborted revolutions and republics, failed kingdoms, unfulfilled promises and covenants, have no daylight spotlight, and simply swell the list of deaths by denial.

Evangelical vanity and Catholic insanity

It is no laughing matter that religious people in Canada and the United States of America want to impose their beliefs and practices on their neighbours.  None of the ancient religions succeeded in expanding beyond the geographical borders of its origins with the outcome of a welcoming civic society. Ghettos do not cut it. Even though migration has fed the march of both civilized and uncivilized populations wrangling the freedom to travel is the latest twist in the emptiness and insanity of two branches of Christianity.

Hurricane and ostriches

Every summer we see more of the same in north American. The high court and the weather speak with finality and people pretend that both developments are just more of the same and there are no commitments to changing our course. Winds from Africa crossing the Atlantic and wreaking havoc on the Caribbean islands and the United States are divine utterances. Canada sometimes feels the power of the wind, but it is the United States that suffers especially from denying the facts. The US has failed to reckon with everything originating in Africa. Just as Israel had the demands of one God over the gods of every high place, so the US has had the demand of treating its slaves and their descendants with humanity. Perhaps as long as a jurisdiction can oppress its citizens under a cloud of capitalist privileges there is no judgment or chastening.

Human ostriches

Another African phenom illustrates the plight of the American people. The talk in the highways and back alleys is that there is no climate change crisis, no right to one decent job, no right to practice one’s religion, no procreative rights, no inbred Antisemitism, no genocidal practices in government and business, and no systematic racism. A judge or pastor does not get to decide what people think (even if they are sober theologians). The Supreme Court of the United States is often a spectacle of corruption, constitutional variability, and conspiracy. The justices, at least the majority, are often ostriches, burying their heads up the rear end of one or the other vocal litigant, whether that is religious, business, or government agency. Today the rich, tomorrow the poor. “Never women” and “never the Black people” seem to be the background and backbone of the civilized chant. Being the greatest military power and the largest economy does not register in God’s accounting. How long does anyone think they have to get their act together? While the court is in recess American jurisdictions can legislate all kinds of abominations, pretending to fight for the unborn, as if they really cared about the living. Let us simply remember that not all nations have a firm grip on life even when they have non-stop business. There is death in denying the simple facts of life and Christ has no interest in any government posing as a born-again entity.