Such a trashy load

Discussing the politics patterned after Britain can make infinite blah blah seem like informed foresight but is really just trash.  Canadian political leaders would like to be known as just persons who care more about others than themselves.   It beats me why anyone would say an election is unwanted and too expenive while everyone is panting for a return to normal routines.

A candidate dropped from the Liberal slate appears poised to wins a seat in the 44th parliament a few days after his sexual predation came to light. The Liberal leader wins his seat after years of the loyal opposition and parliament finding ethical shortcomings. Ethical issues are next to impossible to nail down in most societies.

Canadians want parliament to work for all the people but politicians seem incapable of seeing past their own insular theories about community, security, and noble character.  How conveniently the politicians fell silent about the murder of First Nations children! The church and all the instruments the state either did not know or thought Canadians did not need to know that children were going to school and not returning to their homes. Such a trashy load.

It is pure trash for pundits to push the story about an unwanted election.  Since the outbreak of covid19 Canadians have been longing for and agitating for a return to normal life.  They want to go to bars, churches, restaurants sporting events and theatres.  Why not the polls to speak truth to power?