Two Michaels released

What a coincidence! The moment the British Columbia court learned of the recision of the United States’s extradition request it released Meng. A flight to the PRC was apparently waiting for her. Exactly what information changed the plight of two simultaneously we do not know, but the PRC apparently had flights ready for two Canadians who, as far as we can tell, were in trapped in the black hole of detention and questionable charges.

In most jurisdictions and in most cases impartial justice is scarce.

Convoluted confluence or confirmed criminal caper

Take your pick. The arms of justice can pluck us up off the street and lock you up until a prisoner on the other side of the planet walks free on account of the system working, OR pin your hopes on a political party that fears terrorism more than it dreads genocide by tank and reeducation programs.

What a coincidence!

Practically all of Canada is rejoicing this 3rd day of autumn (September 25) 2021, that two humans who were being terrorized in a legal system not known for legal transparency and clarity, are free. Canadians can lament too, because we do not know what people are doing in Shenzhen