First Nations Remembered

“Not again” has a become a popular response to accidents, outlaw behaviour, and even to the actions of the crown. Sir John A. Macdonald’s legacy is not a lot to smile about. Where did the people of British North America expect to land when they set the compass to copy the British system of government. The secrets of the privy council and the silence of the authorities as the Canadian government tried to snuff the love of freedom and ethnic dignity out of Canada’s First Nations by murdering schoolchildren must be remembered and told everyday.

Listen because you know you think you know

There was a woman who brought Yeshua, the Saviour of the world and King of Israel, a high priced gift of ointment. He appreciated the gift as preparation for his burial, and said that whenever people preach the good news about his kingdom they should tell what this woman did.

Listen until the next election

Stop talking already and listen. Racism hides all over the lansdcape. You name the realm, it is there. Our churches, schools, mosques, synagogues, associations and corporations of every kind are populated by people who know no better than what our ancestors have told us. How much of an intellect should we ascribe to a people who have allowed the ancestral traditions of Canada’s First Nations to become objects of scorn? Quebec’s government and God knows who else swears that there is no systematic racism in the Belle Province, but did Quebec ever think of elevating a first nation language to official status? A day to reflect and listen is a start, but forgive me for noticing that this first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is just necessary news and entertainment. When this parliament dissolves we wlll still have no means of knowing – Nanos poll? – how many impoverished minds have turned from justifying genocidal geniuses – like our first prime minister. We will not know how many minds will have turned from blindly supporting a militarized the police in their crack down on drug use while homicides by firearms mount. Perhaps we do not want to know who is encouraging the abuse of law and order by not taking action against racially motivated deaths of citizens. Let us keep a score card of the politicians who understand that listening to the stories of First Nations people will indicate where justice should begin and where mindless talk ends.