Gold turns to tin

The great nations of the world are now at the bottom of the barrel doubling fown on junk theories, gone wild possibilities, misfiling words with empty promises, and trying to be relevant when it is clear that they are all loud gongs, and their intellectual enterprises show that the gold is definitely turned to tin.

If I said the same thing about religions someone is bound to be offended. If I presented all the evidence I have collected about the start, progress and decline of the popular religious groups someone will still be offended. It is good to remember that human goodwill and good sense did not bring us to the twenty-first century. Active and proactive goodwill and good sense are neither latent nor manifest in the ancient religions. One has to dig real deep to find the expected excellence.

The meaning and mouthing of God’s words

While Yeshua said that people live by God’s words and Moses was absolutely clear that people needed to comply with God’s words. Life, land and death are incidental to Moses’ teaching. Life is central to Yeshua’s work and teaching. We cannot say the same about Moses and the Israelite experience. involved and the proof of that is that the first generation who complied with God’s words by leaving Egypt under the blood of a lamb painted onto the door post all died and did not see the promise which everybody thought was given to every generation.

I am not given to repeating maxims and slogans; not even popular sayings like John 3:16. I have an aversion to repeating promises and judgments that have no anchor to the gospel. Just think. How how many sentences can a preacher string together and ask the congregation to say them before the congregation realizes they are up the creek in the land of Oz saying lots loudly and meaning nothing.

There are no excuses for the kind of ignorance that accompanies the rabbis, pastors and imams. They know they are not up to snuff. They betray their calling and education. They are good at broadcasting the trivia of words without demonstrating divine approval.

One of these days all the secondhand wisdom and sons of Sceva powers will be shattered. The ears will stop tingling because people prefer the meaningless appearance of knowledge rather than integrity and honesty. The man of God will do as instructed; “… break the jar in the sight of the men who accompany you” (Jer 19:10, NASB)