Things that set us off

The mosquito’s charm is minor compared to the female body and hoth of these pale beside the popular hypocritical righteous grab bag. You may not be a warrior for the righteousness that is of debt and performance, but the words obey and precept are triggers that often lead to disaster.

Turned on by viral words

When people affirm their salvation by grace through faith there is sometimes a violent disapproval. “Grace through faith” is not enough but depending on shaky human will and standing next to the fireplace labelled “perfect compliance” .human will and freedom of choice.

Word of God in the heart

Tbe word of God is not a condom. People sin while reciting and magnifying a host of sayings from the Bible. A very common sin is lying: lying about miraculous deliverance while the messenger is in the grip of disability and disease easily corrected by human diligence

Are you turned on by grace or obedience, by God’s personal customized package of amens or a servant’s collection of negatives?

What a difference between the sight of a mosquito and a dragonfly!