Famine and Fearmongering

The famine that has restructured our ideas about rights and privileges is now being complicated by attempts to reduce the pressures through massive violent campaigns.  It is a waste of time to trust in the expansion of European powers and the rise of new nations are signs of nobility and civic perfection.  Unity was never in the barn and the philanthropy everyone seems to want to put at the centre of their  thinking are mere clouds of deceptions. There is not going to be less insecurity and fear in the world, and the emergence of calls for justice is not a bandwagon for the fearful.

Now it came about in the days when the vigilantes governed, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of West Virginia in America went to sojourn in the land of England with his wife and his two sons.

Spoof of Ruth 1:1

Curfews (unrelated to the pandemic), troops deployed to dominate cities where protests are happening are heartless and foolish reactions.  They certainly have no right to be called policy.   America’s unfinished revolution keeps coming back to embarrass those of us who have a brain and a hope to live left.

Moabite Ruth became mama #1 in Bethlehem. That cannot happen in America or Britain.  God got his way in ancient Bethlehem because he softened the hearts of the people to accept foreigners.  Just look at America and the United Kingdom today.  They do not seem to be united except to oppress the poor and foreigners.

No shame attaches to the blindness of xenophobia, the idolizing of wealthy persons,  the rejection of science and theology.   Law and the love of money has taken over the thoughts and desires of people who would love to bd called God’s people and Christians.

Why was there a famine in the land where judges governed?

Guess who fears the Messianic message

Centuries of a caucasian Jesus, a mindless recitation of favorite Bible verses, the creation of a Judeo-Christian monster, and a fear of anything that gets too close to the apostles, is hunger enough.