One peek at Parliament Hill

There is no question that grade one business happens in Canada’s parliament, but the seated members need to stop the childish loser mentality and the pollyanna slogans about children and the future to bring it to a maturer footing. The speaker has the noble task of bridging the gap between the government and the “members opposite” and I can hardly wait to hear him but a boot on the neck of opposition heckling and posturing with lengthy preambles to ten-second questions.

The 44th Parliament is just concluding its first session and the charges are flying: misleading the house, there is no realistic tackling of Canada’s crises by the government. It is hard not to notice that the media covering Parliament Hill is swarming all over Quebec’s religious garb law hoping to feed on the opinions of politicians, without asking directly “Are provincial laws and their application above question and comment?” Boy, oh boy! It is going to be hard to take our eyes off the parade of the cowardly, the reckless, and the wise in January 2022.