Literate and lost

The obscurity of a book's contents shows the daunting task of reading someone else's book
Life’s Book vs Court Verdict
Greetings that make you think

Can’t read your own book? Pity.  Lawyers screw up at law, pimps destroy prostitutes, politicians exploit populations. What can we expect to happen when we find ourselves in possession of a book and try to pass it off as our own? I do not recall ever being impressed with the fact that there might be a person who is better as disclosing the contents of my life. As you might imagine the, image that crowns this article came to me as a greeting. I think one asks a bit much to expect to find someone who can both read and understand someone else’s book. We might then conclude that our life’s “book” may be a collection of borrowed profiles and ambitions. I beg to be excused – banned even – from being identified with those searching for someone to read my life’s “book”.

Selling the current book or writing our own might be the best path.

  • Understanding ourselves takes a lifetime because we keep changing
  • Understanding what we own – book or life – might require a chat with the giver of life

Why have we not thought that reading the instructions that come with life will always be elusive? Reading without understanding is just fine when the book has no bearing on life beyond agriculture, biology, finance, and politics..