I told you so

Before there was uncle Sam there was auntie Beth.  People all around the world have a relationship with the US and the UK that is often a literal lifeline.    American and British power butters a lot of bread, but what might seem like undisputed power and prestige for a long time is now a decomposing carcase .  The  internal and previously hidden rot has recently been  demanding space on the public screen and airways.   The UK and the US are no longer the beacons of civic society because people are discovering that Britannia no longer rules the waves and America has no interest in its people enjoying the amber grain waves.  Although the torch of might on the oceans and in the air passed from Beth to Sam most observers of the centuries long drama between them are unaware that Sam is Beth’s child. There are no living witnesses to the hostility between Sam and Beth, so it may seem slick to introduce uncle Sam as a distinguished democrat who by bloodshed repelled his mother and centuries later is unsure about monarchy, democracy and security.  The US and the UK have made it quite clear that they will settle for putting on a good show, for talking up a good cover story, and for idolizing the fire of speech and the activism of a homicidal generation.  They sowed fecal matter and reaped the latrine.  How did the British and American people so thoroughly descend into the abyss of deception, darkness and death? They do not know how and they do not know why. They act as if they do not know what hit them, but even non-historian and short-lived people like me are smelling the coffee, and do not mind saying “I told you so”.

7) For they sow the wind And they reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; It yields no grain. Should it yield, strangers would swallow it up.

Hosea 8:7, NASB

The  Caesarean Quest

The US has had 45 heads of state elected in its short history and not one of them dared assert his religious beliefs and insert them into the nation’s policymaking and practice. The US claims it does not want a monarchy yet it can tolerate a president who, instead pursuing fresh ground, wants a return to perceived greatness. Eight years in office is the limit and only Caesar wannabes think differently.   If people could line up elections wins the party leaders would soon morph into dictators and despots.  If  one political party wants to ensure wins at every polling that party will soon be a monarch. How more visionless can a people be!  All political returns include downhill slides.

The UK has a queen who is respectfully assertive with her religious views. Her nation has elected representatives who seldom make their religion a public  matter.  The British know that someone in public leadership had to be above the fray, and they may want to say that monarchy is a part of the Jewish contribution to the world.  The wide variety of ideological “mobs” know that democracy is pricey, and keeping  the monarchy is a reliable check on national sanity. A Christian queen is a long way from the professional failures and politically incestuous ignoramuses, military heroes, and perjured lawyers who have occupied the White House.  Leaders of most 21st century countries are bloodstained rejects who admit that they love themselves more than their neighbour. In 1970, I told you so with my cannabis chalice and pure African pride.

Should not freedom of thought precede freedom of speech