Let them listen to bigotry

Conservatives ought to apologize to Canadians for wanting a vicious and vile mob to dictate the nation’s future. I am not surprised that the loyal opposition failed to declare that we want nothing from Fascist, Nazis, and peddlers of disinformation. Absolutely nothing! Canada is a great land and state, despite the open shame of the founding father, the silence and treachery of successive generations of religious and law-enforcement authorities, but freedom of speech is not absolute, and Canadians may want to make jokes about women, ethnic groups, religious communities, but separatist sentiment, nazi-cuddling and insurrection-proneness are neither amusing nor Canadian. In the world of political prudence and judicial accountability there is no angry benevolent bigotry.

Send in the good citizens to trash the capital

I cannot think of a blueprint for civic society that involves prioritizing the interests of one group, and especially the homeborn, the rich and influential (that includes corporations, which are the next surprising deep dive in people-recognition). The lessons of history just do not seem to be of any interest to the next generation. “Me, me, me” will kill us. A capital city has a sacredness that should be common knowledge. At least the national monuments in Ottawa are clear enough. If you do not understand what has been important to Canadians perennially is honesty and service. Those two guarded treasures mark this flashpoint in continental history. The opposites, deception and domination, have been the pursuit of ancient and modern heads of state or government, prophets, cities, warriors and mercenaries. History’s flow allows a dustbin. A prime example is the fate of Capernaum. I should not need to elaborate about the related landmark careers of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Great Britain and the United States.

“And you, Capernaum, will not be exalted to heaven, will you? You will be brought down to Hades!”

Luke 10:15, NASB

Whether Capernaum persists as a city in northern Israel or not is not the point. Capernaum is one of many locations on the plant that had the privilege of being the hometown of an extraordinary person, and did its best to disown him. Having heaven’s gaze or ranking above others (exalted to heaven) are not guarantees of stability. Some pretty awful things are happening in Capernaum today. In God’s justice scheme up can become down just as easily as down becomes up. This is why we should stop pretending that there are any political ideologies that are natural partners with the kingdom of God. So sorry, my intellectually astute fellow believers: the kingdom of the Lord Christ is not of this world. I suppose that even the documentation of the experiences Abraham, Moses, David, John, Peter, Melchisedec, Pharaoh, Saul, and Herod, are insufficient to dissuade the creation and deification of a less than cosmopolitan society. Honest love and service are to be recognized by all, but keeping an eye on the ball is equally important if anyone wants to be free from the tabloid environment and its downward slide. But guess who is ready to die, even for a great cause or a great guy? Nobody and all his kin. People are way more valuable.

America and the whole world may benefit from German ingenuity but who wants an affair with the architect of the Third Reich? Who wants to even pretend that a marriage with the manufacture and use of weapons of mass destruction is a good thing? I do not know. I do know that people who have spent centuries in the dark, wallowing in superstitions and origin theories, blindness and imitations of wild and ravenous beasts, are the least likely to help humanity cope with life under the sun. Indeed, people are vigorously demanding a platform for things that have been kept carefully in the closet and secret assemblies. Whatever you chose to listen to, be aware that without a sure anchor for your own thoughts, attitudes and desires, you are likely to adopt the rubbish as the best thing since sliced bread. The opposite of brotherly love and justice are literally being pushed, in the guise of freedom, by the algorithms of the brokers of corporate and personal information into our faces every second we open our ears and eyes. Be very careful with that idea that everybody deserves to be heard. A lot of time will be wasted listening to everyone because there are no upgrades to the ideologies of our recent or distant past. So, let the bigots listen to bigotry. I prefer to stand with Ottawa’s residents and their elected leaders. We just want to live, and it is a good thing that conmen and unstable leaders do not triumph.