Nazis and Terrorists Look for friends Canadian Streets

We are not intolerant for saying no to insurrection and holding cities and a nation hostage.  Sober people all over the world know the difference between a protest and a malicious mob.  It is good thing the Queen’s loyal opposition have shown us their preference when it comes to holding the line against chaos, and, in parliament, their readiness to listen. Taking parliamentary opposition to illegal and disruptive levels is about as low as military discipline can go, and profoundly disappointing for a citizenry that understands the price Canadians have paid resisting authoritarianism.

Using their children as shields?

The truth and our courage prevents Christians from seditious sentiment, and it is a rogue bishop who entertains poor rich heroes like the 45th US president, and I can hardly wait to hear the intellectual refuse spewing from their social media groups.

Surely there are better options for dialogue and solving problems.