No veto in the EU Parliament

When God gave the nations into the hands of Nebuchadnezzar he also placed limits on the actions the king could  take against those peoples.  The United Nation may be stymied by communists , despots, and amoral religious extremists but justice is going to have her day apart from the tribal instincts that have dominated international relations for the last century.   No amount of media manipulation can prevail, and the time has come for the beasts to act with a human heart.  There comes an end to vetoes over just resolutions.

Limits on superpower a activity

20) He says, “You are My war-club, My weapon of war; And with you I shatter nations, And with you I destroy kingdoms. 21) With you I shatter the horse and his rider, And with you I shatter the chariot and its rider, 22) And with you I shatter man and woman, And with you I shatter old man and youth, And with you I shatter young man and virgin, 23) And with you I shatter the shepherd and his flock, And with you I shatter the farmer and his team, And with you I shatter governors and prefects. 24) But I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all their evil that they have done in Zion before your eyes,” declares the Lord,” declares the Lord.” (Jeremiah 51:20-24, NASB)

They shall not cleave

The prediction of the last world ruling power specifies that they will not stay united, and it is clear that they (the Ten Horns, the original European kingdoms) did not with the defection of the United Kingdom. 

“And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.”

Daniel 2:43, NASB

The European Union is now a different beast, no longer seven heads and ten horns, and clearly joined in heart and hand, doing the right thing.