Impartial justice, like Mitch McConnell’s in the senate

The lovers of truth know that everything that is called “God” may give people comfort or at least a place to hide, but God cannot be reduced to a shifting panorama of political expediency and religious superiority. When the morality of Islam, Judaism and Christianity combined create the new society we will know that justice has no more masks. Presently, there is no evidence that the warring parties in anyone’s politics will form such a coalition. However, when the goals of decency and simple justice allow people to create good government we may all be dead, but the ever-living disciples of the man called The Way know that McConnell’s commitment to do the will of the accused 45th president ranks with the lowest and most acrid and deadly examples of smoke without fire.

Said McConnell, “Everything I do during this, I will be coordinating with the White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president’s position and our position…” (from the Atlantic, citing McConnell on Fox network). I suppose a great Christian leader can coordinate his journey along the way of the kingdom of God with the fallen angels. That kind of justice simply does not cut it.