Quebec’s Quixotic Quest

Quebec’s politicians have no real concerns about Canadian respect all across the country.  That Quebecois have a special place in the Canadian federation may be a rabbit hole in the service of jealousy and antagonistic attitudes towards newcomers and Canada’s First Nations.  Even when the Parti Quebecois rises to speak in the House of Commons and speaks against the Head of State no one seems to notice.  Canadians are that forgiving.  Our neighbours to the south  and their struggle with states’ rights seem to have gone over the heads of Quebec’s politicians.  Practically no one wants a state within a state. 

That is a recipe for civic disturbance and failure.  The late Honourable Rene Levesque tried. Jacques Parizeau tried.  40% of Quebecers may still be in favour of a nation within a nation and separatists (by any name) can count on conservative support for negotiating the break up of Canada. No one can figure out how a family in a family works. No one can give a reason why the idea doesnot work for Canada’s First Nations. I propose that since we count two founding peoples, Francophone and Anglophone, we need to go back to the first grade.