So you wanna be…

A Moses, a David, a Paul, an Ezra, a Barnabas, we can never legitimately aspire to be because that route would deny God the pleasure of his wise and wonderful will for each individual.  So if we insist on jumping through hoops to win prizes that are not available to us that delusion has a date with the One with the keys. Why does it surprise us that we cannot be Father, Son, Holy Spirit? No hoops are necessary.  I cannot imagine who we might dare to want to be with all our might, and be anything but unapologetic and expectant for the discovery of who we are in God’s grand scheme.

Holy you and holy me are incomparable in name, function, and destiny.

Identity we cannot afford to neglect

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it. 

Revelation of John 2:17, NASB

Whatever people call us does not alter what is contained in the unique and exclusive name Christ gives. Just as the name SON distinguishes the Word of God from all other entities, so we can expect the name given in connection with the white stone to pierce the bubbles in which we might seek refuge.

Governments and all kinds of institutions go to great lengths to prevent confusion between people having the same names, which often happens. With a close(r) look at the two, three, four, or five individuals bearing the same name authorities will discover something that will decisively distinguish one from all others. With that information much misunderstanding and anguish can be averted. We would be surprised at how many people do not like you/us, period.

Hunger free, sinless and tireless

Superheroes own aircraft, never have to cook, mop a floor, raid a beehive, or go shopping.

When a sparrow’s death has God’s attention he does not seem to be much of a deity, so people reason, because death is the ultimate enemy, and they conclude that they have defeated death, a thing we know is entirely in GOD’s hands. People want to claim a win and a gain no matter what experience GOD assigns. After all, did not his SON die to bring life to humanity? .

Not even David, with God’s own heart

David’s a guy with a ton of baggage that we do not want wholesale. We’re sure we want his victory songs, and nothing to do with his anointing, his respect for Saul, his alliance with Jonathan, and we know what experiences of his we would never get ourselves into. We want the Father’s love without his discipline and correction. Our saddest desire is for the Word of God, incarnate and written, without change-creating and makeover power.