Barking up a withered tree

Imagine that Christ was a Muslim. Where would his hajj take him? Which prophet would be his commander?  Would he stop calling GOD his father?  Would he be comfortable hiding women and tieing their hands, hands God created (in the first place) to make the man complete? It is a long hard road to acceptance when prophets are the seekers, but if you know prophets, they could not care less about getting smiles from everyone. The doctor,  lawyer, rabbi, pastor, elected official and any of the powerbrokers of our times have shown how readily their interests lead them to bark up any withered tree they deem available.

All across the board

Vegan diets, foreigners, and priesthood

Imagine that Christ was Jewish and vegan,  he’d  be blocking his participation in the essential processes of his people: for example, eating the passover once per year. If he was on the other hand a foreigner he could not be a priest (sounds familiar) and all the talk about Abraham’s innumerable children is simple hot air. It most certainly is not the best thing since man met woman.

What God mercy looks like under human direction

Holiness is one of God’s essential attributes and salvation is his exclusive prerogative.  These two issues must always find their orientation, application and outcomes in God.  Since man is incapable of saving himself, God intervenes personally.  He designed his intervention in a manner that does not allow any human credit.  He did not send a prophet, a priest, a scientist or a soldier.  He sent his Son. If God could call Israel his servant and his son what can we say of him with whom God created the world?  Let us remember how the Genesis narrative has God speaking to God “Let us make man in our image”, and let us  understand that there is an Agent to whom God assigns his important acts in the universe.  “Son” is not a metaphor for “boss” and it most definitely means the one in whom the father invests his all.  “Son” definitely means activity and progress. When the Son of God is in charge women and aliens have access and what the faith groups say about women is a reliable measure of morality.

Breaking limbs, withering leaves and infertility

Why have all the models of government not worked.  They have priests.  They have prophets.  They have pastors.  They have missionaries. None of them have produced a 4 year rule of righteousness and justice.  They have been barking up trees with no limbs and with no fruit at the top. A nation cannot have enough Muslims to make it Islamic. Most faiths that I am familiar with are splintered into groups that are hostile to one another, and some are in open conflict, to the point of bloodshed. You name it and they are at war: Catholics and Protestants, Shia and Sunni, Sikhism and Hinduism, Episcopalians and Baptists. The limbs are all broken. Still, many hope that a majority of any faith in any nation can transform government into a servant of God apart from punishing wrongdoing. I am sorry to say that God has better things to do than punish evildoers, and his plan centers on more noble and redemptive purposes. I think that’s what mercy and grace and compassion means. Otherwise we are barking up a withered tree.