Wake, sleepyhead, raze

Finding a criminal label for so many behaviours that one begins to suspect that societies will not hesitate to criminalize the very foundations of human survival affirms the junkie factor among many religious people; Christians included.  The superficiality of achievements without honourable and reasonable efforts, the shameful audacity of public leadership without service, and religious of religious We do not exaggerate putting out the headline: the watchmen and architects sleep and rase.

Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.

Psalms 127:1, NASB

Now that everything around us is crumbling we have to begin to see those facts in the light of what was said before they happened. That will prove that honest people are not rare by accident. Foxes in the henhouse, polices services oppressing the people they are supposed to serve, and spiritual leaders desperately trying to insert their “faith” into the secular power-grid are all one tribe. No sane person will accept the intrusion of any faith into their community. None of the populous faiths have a record of either genuine humanity or genuine divinity and none have improved the welfare of their people, and I have to tell you, the truth of the Christian message is that if you treat people outside your faith as less that deserving of their food, drink, play, clothing and housing, you have forgeited the respect of most people as a genuine associate of a God who, among other things, created the world and all our processes on this planet.

When the watchmen and builders are scorched earth experts?

Someone is sleeping where we need a watchmen, and the architects of the USA, the UK, the PRC, the many socialist rebublics are workers of vanity. They have all thought that their ideas, to which they have a “sacred” right, can replace those things that God have kept under his own power and authority. Pure vanity meets pure confusion and despair. They wrote their constitutions, set up defence systems, and built their nations apart from God. Now they want to play God, calling earth a washed up mansion, looking for a new planet home in those places where only death prevails. The PRC, the UK, and the USA have not only soiled their garments they are fairly satisfied that they can walk around naked thinking that they can sufficiently manipulate the media to keep the illusion of their thriving business and economy policies front and centre, and eventually demand allegiance at the point of their swords. My recommendation to the city builders and defenders: go with your 30% or 3%, because the die is cast, most people know that governments of any stripe are vanity, puffs of smoke, that do not transform into rain clouds. Any other eventuality is sure to be a media and social media concoction. Wakey, sleepyhead.

The watchmen and the builder

Rapid and resolute denials of facts are the symptoms of a city whose watchmen are busy handing the keys to the city’s enemies. The builders think they can fool society by trying to maintain and repair the broken down structures of society all the while ignoring the blueprints that apply. None of the nations in the Americas or Europe are levitical systems, neither are they monarchies that are built on the pattern of David. People are not that blind. Despite the bravado about God’s law, commandment-keeping as righteousness and God’s future government underpinned by a law for bad actors. I suppose that God’s kingdom is going to be no different from the world described in Genesis. How many persons in God’s kingdom are going to be lawless, rebellious, ungodly, sinful, unholy and profane? I cannot imagine how intelligent persons can pretend to make a case for God’s kingdom needing regulations for and threats against those who kill their fathers or mothers, against murderers, immoral men, homosexuals, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching…” (1 Timothy 1:9-10, NASB)

The kingdom of God is never likened to prophets and the law.  One has to decide whether the kingdom being described is destination or God’s rule. The undisputed king stated what the kingdom is like.

  • A mustard seed
  • A fisherman’s net cast into the sea
  • Yeast hidden in dough
  • Treasure hidden in a fiekd
  • A merchant making seeking pearls
  • A landowner hire (and pay) his labourers
  • A seedsower scattering seeds on various “soils”

How simple it would be for the king to say that his kingdom is like people doing what he says without fail. He never did and we know who dares try to put those words in the king’s mouth. Sleepy watchmen who wake only to give the keys to the enemies breaking in and only builders who see their duty as razing the only authorized foundation: cross, Spirit, service, and suffering in preparation for glory.