Shout everybody!

“Shout joyfully to God, all the earth;” (Psalms 66:1, NASB)

God is so powerful that his enemies and his works so awesome that his enemies turn to deception (Psalms 66:3).  They lie about their thoughts and allegiance.  At some point everyone will worship Yahweh, will sing praises (play music) to him; they will sing praises (play music) to his name.”  (Psalms 66:4)  One might think that this global view might be the beginning of a new mindset in Israel, but not even Solomon’s  father,  the monarch of sacred music, was ready to put some distance between real life and fantasy.  Shout everybody but wring your hands in despair because the Levitical system is still front and centre.

Still important to the king

  • coming into Yahweh’s house with burnt offerings
  • paying vows
  • offering burnt offerings of fat beasts
  • sending up rams in smoke
  • offering bulls with male goats (Psalms 66:13-15, NASB)

Did David not know that he can sing and play anywhere with God’s eyes, ears and heart focused on him? Of course he did.  These wishes regarding the levitical forms of worship are that part of his psyche that wants to demonstrate his utmost in a regal and megalithic way.  Remember when he said he would not sleep until he found a place where he can build a place for Yahweh’s worship to be front and centre.  Have you not wondered why this monumental worship is not happening any where in the world?

The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed…

Psalms 2:2, NASB