Stick a pin in your malicious anger

Human anger and vengeance is ignoble, juvenile and abominable. Do not, please, ask the people who are vigorously keeping peace from breaking out between Indians and Pakistanis, former African slaves in the disapora and former colonists, First Nations and the interloper entities such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and a host of South and central American nations to do anything noble in the search for justice. They love vengeance and cruelty. The problem is global: versions of the Hitler Nazis are appearing with a flourish. Versions of the Taliban are on the rise in the United States, and if I am reading the religious hopefuls correctly, all they want to do is impose either chaotic pluralism, misogynist and male chauvinist regimes, all ready to shut up anyone with a different view of the world. If the number of people jailed for crimes they did not commit and the number of people killed in their places of worship do not convince the angry and the aggrieved to pipe down and stick a pin in their malice.

We will not change our minds

The fixtures of American politics and religion (mostly Christianity) are people with minds of stone. Senators who do not know what impartial justice looks like, governors who lie about police bravery, and state legislators who are dead set on oppressing women, killing school children, will not change their minds. They are what the Bible calls reprobate silver. They have consciences that are dead. If I did not believe in God I would say they were incorrigible. The difference bewen the 44th and the 45th president is so stark that one has to be either an avowed denier of facts, typical a Republican governor, rogue bishop, crooked sheriff or corrupt mayor, or a simply a person lacking humanity and literacy, not to see how evil can get itself into power and serve as a magnet gathering the ugliest attitudes and sentiments to pose as a righteous rage. It must be clear that most of the players on the international scene simply are eager to have their own version of London, New York, Paris and Washington, all the while claiming to be proud nationalists and keepers of the peace. Frankly I do not know see the benefit of any nation emulating Beijing, Moscow, Delhi, Pyongyang, Washington and Jerusalem. Judaism of New Testament times was wholly intolerant of the Way, and no one needs to be reminded of the kinds of freedoms afforded people in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

A vast criminal enterprise

A vast criminal enterprise, backed up by pardons and lifelong appointments is the only way to define the revolution that almost prevailed. It began with the likes of Gerry Falwell, a host of Christian psychologists, false prophets amd apostles and illiterate persons posing as pastors, and the supreme court stacked with perjured jurists. If there had not been a violent revolution to end English tyranny there would be no United States, and such a beast, haviving been created, what beside the nobility and decency of humanuty can prevent the United States from descending into malicious anger, bloodshed and cyclical tyranny? Nothing.