The patriotic slogans mask

The vast majority of Canadians can smell insurrection, fascism, white supremacy and blind political rage when  they see it.  People can’t just slap the label “freedom” on their anger and questionable slogans and get hailed as heroes, especially when the nation has not shown its readiness to atone for genocide.  My mother and her generation had a saying tagging lawyers as liars and we that not all lawyers are liars,  but all the legal posturing possible by conservative types and churches are just a mask for more White privilege spam.

Lawyers cannot legitimize white privilege

Convoy leaders and political leaders hoped that police would look the other way while the power of church money, the designs of mob rule and insurgent strategies played out in Canada’s capital. I  do not know of anyone  who wants to hear grievance or protest from Nazi sympathizers or from people who feel neither sympathy nor solidarity for immigrants and Canada’s First Nations.

The commission of compulsory cowards

The present police force in Ottawa was clearly cowardly and we dare not even mention the Ontario premier, who wanted to be hands off while a group of people that he seemed friendly towards were crippling the nation’s capital and at the same time putting the knife to the throat of the nation’s economy at border crossings. Who does not know the truth about courage and cowardice in those circumstances? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police might seem to be incompetent in the resolution of the freedom convoy’s assault on Canada’s tranquility and economic ascent, but we had all better remember that the force is as we speak protecting the nation from both internal and external threats, both of which in many of us do not want to hear about and many of us have no right to hear the strategies they use to do so.

“End the lockdown” bombed badly

Anger at covid19 restrictions was a gift to many people who are always looking for a reason to appear better than White Anglo Saxo Protestant. Most Christian’s know that freedom happens in aconte of loving constraint, but not the freedom convoy. It wanted the freedom to urinate and defecate on sacred grounds, hold a city and a nation hostage, and the freedom to camp out on city streets. Christian money, petitions and websites like were not figments. It was not a figment that the Ontario Government gave th4 city of Totonto the power to take action in emergencies with only a third of council in agreement. What kind of democracy does not see the use of extraordinary powers as insurrectiontionist-prone? Not only did the anti-mandate slogans not work, they were happily allied with other historically distasteful characters but the convoy strategies also made losing appearances at the Public Order Emergency Act inquiry. Governments can say the pandemic is over and restrictions are no lo get necessary, but the scientific community and institutions of learning are not buying it. The dangers of fatal respiratory disease continue and the status of Canadian hospitals and healthcare institutions statistics are not lies The patriotic mask should be retired because it just does not work any more.