What can save the nations?

Measures for rescuing a nation from self-immolation may include bringing sword, famine or pestilence on it, and it is better that leaders opt for supernatural chastisement than for human interventions.   It is humans, we should remember, who share country, relatives, and an ancestral roots with us who are bent of destroying what is left of the shares benefits of citizenship.  The rot that is eating away at most societies is of domestic origin.  Immigrants and foreigners are mostly convenient scapegoats.  There is neither spiritual atonement nor legislative relief that can save a decaying nation.

Doing good things for our neighbours is not evangelism

Three activities that distinguish the Lord’s tour of Galilee: teaching (disaskein), preaching the gospel of the kingdom (kerussein to euaggelion tes basileias euaggelizomai), and healing sickness and disease of every type (therapeuôn pasan noson kai pasan malakian). European and Americans circling the globe with their compassion for impoverished people are a sad and delusioned lot. Africans and Asians are interested in an open apology for the still unacknowledged rape of their heritages. Yeshua must be wondering how dare these capitalist xenophobes connect themselves with his kingdom.

Long distance love

The pillar and ground of the truth is the church, where the one and only message is the sovereignty of God Incarnate. No-one is eternally impressed by the many publications and prayers (usually long and repetitive) of unrepentant preachers. They cannot cover the distance between themselves and the Saviour of the world with good deeds. God’s love has a different stamp, and it does net take long to recognize that the vast majority of people doing evangelism are dedicated to touching Yeshua with a ten-foot pole, or as the saying goes, “with their lips”. The gods of all the nations are mostly invented fables, but Christ is the door to reality and destiny. If people want more of the same, let them have it. That would not be an authentic Messianic follow.

The “Spirit is on me” phenomena

This narrative covers a phenomenon that is exclusive to the Lord’s proclamation.  No-one, before or since, has had a similar tour.  His work that saves his people from their sin is still not in sight.  The story of the Son of man giving his life as a ransom woud have been utterly fantastic.  The announcement of good news (see Luke 4:18-19) was a welcome broadcast, and no-one ever refused to receive a cleansed leper, or slammed the door on a dead and buried loved one returning from the grave, or a terminally ill acquaintance relieved of the illness or disease. The Spirit of God had a fingerprint in New Testament time that has not been repeated. No-one in the centuries since the ascension of Christ has been a part of a similar tour, or even seen the regularity of healing, reversal of death, and the release of people from demonic posession and injury.

Saving the nations is distinct from conversations about Moses, the patriarchs and the prophets

This first tour and all the others are introductory.  They introduce the people to the kingdom of God and the features that distinguish it from the patriarchal, levitical and prophetic lines of caring for the people. They introduce the people to a new way of thinking about God and God’s kingdom. His signature operation comes at the end of the three and a half years of public ministry.  When we get around to telling people that Christ died for sinners because sinners is what we all are, and have no hope of fixing the problem apart from HIM forking over, all by himself, the appropriate currency towards the transaction, I am sure the world will have an accurate picture of what it takes save the nations.