Translation alert

“Perish in the way” and “perish from the way” are two different ways in which the translators of the New American Standard Bible and the King James Version – have tried to address the Hebrew text, which has simply weta’bdû derek ותאבדו דרך

To be honest no one perishes in the way, because when one is in the way one is securely in the way, and one that is secure in Jesus does not perish from the way. The answer lies in the identification of those who are being addressed.  Obviously these are the kings of the earth who have set themselves in array against the Lord’s anointed.
So what should the translation be?

Y’all better kiss the son lest Yahweh be angry with you and you perish in spite of [there being] a way.

You might think this translation is strange but it is quite common throughout the Old Testament to see a way being provided and yet people not take advantage of the way. In fact, that opinion is celebrated in several songs where David for the psalmist writes about how good God was in all the different ways and yet people forgot and did their own thing.

Ways not acclaimed