Impotence and the lowest common denominator

Over a period of two days five ballots have concluded in the election of the Speaker of the House. The GOP is a dead carcass being picked apart by vultures and the world is watching a desperate attempt by less than two dozen members-elect to create a winning horse at the Kentucky Derby. Some have failed to call the most vocal of those blocking Kevin McCarthy’s path to the Speaker’s chair as terrorists or at least hostage-takers. It is neither realistic nor democratic for representatives to vote conscientiously five times against McCarthy and then, after arm-twisting or whatever it is the GOP does behind the scenes, to change their votes and also call that vote conscientious and a reflection of their conscience and the will of their constituents. The GOP has sunk so deeply into its own latrine pit that governing is an infamous interruption of their agenda, and their impotence has no remedy beside an honest vote.