Right wing government wrong from inception

Democracy has taken hold in a few states, despite people having access to a private vote.  It is not democracy when a portion of the population are subject to oppressive and exclusionary treatment apart from any officially legal sanction.  When a government has to bring police and military resources to prevent the just participation of some of their citizens in society then it would seem that Nazi atrocities have become mainstream.  If you do not believe that nationalism, religious zeal and extreme tribalism is what drives the most pervasive elements of evil on the planet then right and wrong for human beings may need a new canon.  The hardest thing for anyone to admit is that they are wrong from the start, whether thousands of years or dozens of decades have passed.  For perspective, Canada has had over a century or so to correct Sir John A’s madness, the USA over two centuries to embrace the preamble of its constitution, and Israel has had more than three thousand years to make justice real for Israelites, migrants and foreigners.

Location problems

Making a decision to identify oneself with popular political movements on the right or left is one of the red herrings of our times.  The so called left and right wings of politics have been responsible for a lot of upheavals, including wars, extrajudicial killings, coups d’etat, flooding the courts with rogue judges, and fostering ongoing animosity between communities.  People are allowed to have and express their views without having to face ridicule or personal attacks.  The wings of politics are red herrings because there is no agreed upon centre.  Homo sapiens, after reviewing the failures of both left and right wing governments, would have to be renamed, because of how long we have been limping between the extremes of political theory, homo insipiens.  Nowhere is this homo insipiens more active and popular than in those nations desperately trying to copy Israel’s duplicitous dance with law and order and in Israel itself.  It is no accident that a Muslim house of worship crowns Temple mount at this time. 

Wings that have nothing to do with flight

People who are willing to continue saying and doing what their ancestors have “always” said and done are not a few.  They include our neighbours, people we work with, people we are willing to say are good citizens.  Most disturbing is the alliance of diverse groups with a sometimes clearly stated goal of making life miserable.  God may be said to have given Canaan to the sons of Israel under Joshua’s leadership, but who is so wingless as to fantasize about God’s regard for people other than the sons of Israel?  Christians have so neglected the serious study of the sacred record of the Jewish people’s history that all they can come up with is the same Sinai and levitical arrangement.  A bird that refuses to leave the nest behind is as impoverished as the mind that clings to the elementary things of human life on the planet, namely, blessings of the hill, mountains, valleys and the deeps.  Mental and spiritual flight should mean the discovery of new realms.     Do not let ancestry traced to Abraham fool you. Let us simply be certain that the lad who accompanied Abraham to Moriah cannot be both Isaac, ancestor of the Jewish people and heir of the land of Canaan and Ishmael, the father of Arabian tribes.

Jail homicidal settlers

“Kicking out” is what the Jewish people would like to say is the method by which Abraham’s descendants got possession of Canaan.  Abraham and his great grandchildren lived in Canaan as pilgrims.   Settler privilege and violence has never been curbed, despite the fact that the treasure of the Israelite kingdom is a shrine built on land bought by David from a Jebusite.  Until a genuine community emerges in the mountains of Judah the state of the nation will be racist and xenophobic war.  If the Palestinians are mere tools of Islamic interest then the people taking over Palestinian land, especially in East Jerusalem, are Chinese tanks mowing down citizens in Tiananmen Square or homicidal and  brutal police officers.  God sees right through the zionist rhetoric, anger, and scholarship.

Not a flare-up

If Benjamin Netanyahu cares more about friendship and commercial ties with Arab and Muslim nations than about Palestinians whose land Israel keeps stealing in plain sight, it is because he has rejected the discernment the God of his fathers gave to David of Bethlehem and his son Solomon. If Mr. Netanyahu does not recognize that David was King long before Samuel poured the oil and put the crown on his head, it is because he thinks a political party barely able to garner a majority can make a man an honorable man.

Does Bibi read Arabic?  Read Quran, Bibi: Muslim nations will never be your friend and neighbour, and you owe the Palestinian people an apology, the return of their property and a seat at the table. Residence matters, my brother. לשבת לספר

Who is in charge when communities anywhere on the planet find themselves on a carousel of homicides, illegal destruction of property, and facing mounting walls of judicial cover-ups and criminal government officials? Nobody besides the blind will believe that a God is backing Netanyahu’s sixth kick at the can, or ponder more than briefly that a right wing government can represent the divine interest.