Sundown and moonrise

The day Christ died was a Passover.  He did not die over a period of seven days.  He was, according to the eyewitnesses to his life, the Paschal Lamb. His herald announced him as God’s Lamb (John 1:29). The man from Nazareth was the Paschal Lamb. Passover or Pesach is a single day, and it corresponds astronomically to the day/night the Sons of Israel departed Egypt with Joseph’s bones.  It is an annul sign or feast. Christians have tagged the Sunday that follows the first  full moon after the spring equinox. Then they backtrack try to Friday and call that Good Friday. If there is such a thing as holy time it will be marked by supernatural means. Passover is always the 14th day of Nisan, and coincides with the full moon of the first month. The day Christ died people are likely to have seen the sun disappear around 3pm, and the full moon rise shortly after sunset.

Still miles apart

If you lived in ancient Israel, the first and last days of each month would feature a moon like the first two in the set (above). In the middle of month, around the fourteenth day, the sky moon would be full. The moon and sun have assigned tasks of marking off day, night, signs, and seasons (Genesis 1:14). So, since the moon is essential for calculating when to keep the Passover Feast, Despite sharing two common sets of books harmony is hard to find. Good Friday, Ramadan and Passover are unlikely bedfellows.

Messiah is not diplomatic about festivals and hoopla

Jews and Christians are still miles apart over what Passover means.  The violence on Temple Mount shows the galaxies between Jews and Muslims.   Maybe Arabs and the Jewish people will do business and exchange vacation spots but sitting down to celebrate life and divine revelation together is next to impossible. Of course there are many ways to express cultural solidarity, such as folk lore, traditional and regional practices. Spiritual enlightenment and divine revelation are not possible grounds for harmony between mosque, synagogue and church. The sun has set and the moon is now fully exposed as not a “great” source of light. All the patriarchs, prophets and kings are losers, and if you ask Yeshua, he will tell you that they are all guilty of posing with someone else’s property.