Quebec: nation or province

Fine speeches about Canadian sovereignty is a baby-powder place for Bloc Quebecois leader Blanchet to start or finish taking aim at Canadian politics. It smells all nice and hypnotic if you are are person expecting something world-changing from Canada’s francophones. Canada is not much to write home about even when you are a former separatist trying to convince Quebecers that Canada needs a makeover. The devious smirk on Blanchet’s face disappears into an envious disguise, because Canada’s parliament is still a place where smashers like like him can hide behind the walls of privilege, still he thinks that monarchy is archaic and ridiculous. If Quebec decides whether it is a nation or a province Canadian premiers might see the need to have constitutional talks.

The Bloc’s crossed eyes

Will some one tell the Bloc that only the winning party is tasked with governing the country for four years? Working to bring down the government is juvenile, illegal and satanic. Surely opposition ought to have some constructive criticism? The Bloc represents a shrinking demographic and it might disappear from the political landscape if it does not start addressing what is important to all Canadians. I cannot help but think that the political silos of the Canadian scene are simply delay tactics in accepting the national debt to the First Nations of Canada. Nation-building is apparently beyond the payscale of most parliamentarians. It would not surprise me if people of Canada resorted to extreme local government and abolish the traditions of provincial legislatures and national government and be represented by the city governments. At least we would not be waiting 100 years to see government for all the people in action daily.