The 45 jams again

On the evening of November 5th potus45 pretended to be addressing the American people but he simply put his feet firmly in his mouth and attacked the very process he is depending on to protect him for another four years from the mountain of criminal charges that awaits him. Where were the Attorney General and (keep-Mr. PRESIDENT-honest) Vice President when such a cloud of deceit was pouring out of the chief executive?

Pity is due as 45 wriggles and writhes in the grip of the mighty boa of the American voter, and they are who the president should be concerned about. The more he wriggles the tighter the constrictor coils.

America needs a gunsmith

The cheering crowd in the roon was not expected to be sober or conscientous. A small cadre seems ever eager to applaud everything 45 says: spin, hype, misdirection, sheer ignorance or malice. Hopes that an experienced person like VP Pence might take a noble stand are nearly dashed, The alliance between Christians and the agenda of the fundamentalist evangelicals and extreme religious groups should have been reviewed and rebuked when 45 came down staircase badmouthing Mexicans and when he called for a ban on Muslim immigration. Gunsmiths are hard to find.

Expecting a corrupt and seriously indebted businessman to act in any principled way is like expecting our robber-shepherds to be either the hammer or the anvil God needs in finding application of His word. Jams are inevitable, but the only way to imagine that they are not accidents is to assume that 45 and his Christian allies are all closet enemies if Christ’s disciples.

The minutes of the misfiring 45 are numbered

The thrashing of the first American puppet president is about to be announced

Three days after the vote the bullying bigoted business bum who thought that law, democracy, public service, patriotism and honour were all trashy jewelry.

To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.
-Abraham Maslow

Trashing the gloating bigot

My friends who have tried to see the megalomaniac from Mar a Lago as a godsend can now say potusbigotusgloatus45 is a devil’s gift, just like Adolf Hitler.


Eyes are on the White House again with respect percolating for the institution! An election to compare with the upcoming contest is hard to find and the Democratic ticket is a far cry from the frenemic duo of the last 3 years.  Former Vice-president Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are individuals shaped by the common struggles and by their distinct embrace of public service.

The wild fantasy of a land free of the influence of non-Caucasian peoples just took a hit as the man who witnessed firsthand the evil heart of the Republican Party and the poverty of the newly invented Christian alliance as they insulted and opposed potus44 Barrack Obama for eight years.

The first woman of colour and the first person of South Asian descent to be on a presidential ticket gives a boost to the pride of people who have always looked to the United States. The American dream was part of my cosmos for a very brief period but I have so many strings attached to family and friends that my interest in America’s progress never falters. As a Canadian I can only watch with glee as the very fine racists and crooked businessmen hear their wakeup call.

The chances of another adulterous adventure with a half-dead businessman or some other unlikely hero stands at zero.