Close and Flipping Confidence

A strange phenomenon greets us as we follow Yeshua and his disciples on their final tour of the Holy Land. To say the apostles were castles of knowledge and experts in anything is to admit that we are reading some other source. Their situation, as the end approached, resembled more and more the shattering of our Sunday or Sabbath school comprehension as the truth about Yeshua comes to centrestage.

Mark 9:32 provides information that shows that not only Peter, identified by his convictions that the Nazareth was the Christ and that the Christ could not possibly be the victim of abuse or murder, but the entire crew preferred to be silent rather than ask “What are you talking about?” Once our Lord began repeating his predictions the passion the best of heaven’s plan was unacceptable.

They didn’t understand what he meant and were too afraid to ask him about it.

Neither seeing all those miracles nor hearing all those teachings prepared them for the passion. I suppose we are not very much examples of being hip. We all have the Holy Spirit living in us and we are still not paying attention to Yeshua. We have our backs to him as we face the avalanche of Jewish tradition, the propaganda of secular authorities, and our own incompetence and fear of the Father’s love.

Our adulterous streak has puffed up our pride to the place where the last thing we want to be corrected. What are you talking about when you tell about your closer walk with the Saviour of the world? What does your breakthrough moment hold? More confidence flipping?

Do we look like you are ready to tell Christ what his fate is while we are afraid to look into Scripture and get our convictions shattered? If we are convinced that the answers are not worth it, then we should drop the Bible and the pretence of Bible study and just say and believe whatever comes to mind.

Raining Down Vomit and Excreta at the Dinner Table

Watching the circus across the United States I get a jolt of pride that my mother, Africa, is not an imperial serial rapist. My smile is not without a twinge of pity for the deceived millions, who have bought the idea that capitalism and democracy are the essential paths to greatness.

The GOP and its heartless talking heads are temporarily incapable of repenting of following a broken foundation. At least there is hope that a remnant -preferably young people – will call the the attempt to make a beast a person what it is: silly rebellion. The U.S. was born out of rebellion. Remember?


Idiotic isn’t it? Any fool with a gun becomes a patriot, defending stolen land, and denying people the very cradle that bore the nation.
By the way, any nation built by bloody hands is, to speak kindly, an abomination.

People are gobbling up what ever is on the table: at church, work or school. The enduring foundations of family life and secular society did not begin in the middle ages or in the 19th century. If the leaders who got us into the Middle East mess or the abominable support for Nazism, violence against women, and misogyny or sold our future to China, had glanced at Abraham, father of the Jewish people, we would be light years ahead of the current devastation that makes even a civilized conversation implausible.

Let us watch the game until the next revolution comes around. It will not be on TV or YouTube.