I don’t think…

“I don’t think that anyone is questioning…” the insurrection of January 6 2021 as a statement of fact should have stopped at “think”.

Bewitched Republicans are not the only ones who went to sleep as the nation’s watchmen stole instead of worshipped, and who on waking, put their mouth on auto. Not much intelligence is needed to state the bottom line of a witchcraft-sodden religio-political campaign.

Flee, my friend, from the AI machines who are desperate to combine lies and truth, God and country. They are not thinking.

More from the edges of the swamp

Here is another sample – two blocks – from the dark web. They think everyone who sees their corrupt shares and the shallow pool in which they swim is in league with them.

Founders of ISIS and identifying demons

Chat groups revelling in the mire

Villifying the mainstream media humans

Chat group participating in advocating jail

Should the difference between human and demon appear many chat groups would also vanish, but far too many people passing themselves off as activists and kindergarten bullies.

Too bad, forgiveness is not a Judeo-Christian virtue. Let everyone pardon the 45th president of his lies, mayhem, incitement to sedition, and homicide. Where Moses says “Die”, Yeshua says “Go

All the mindless and Christless tropes gobbled up