An Impenitent Society

News of nuclear weapons and violence dominates the news as if there was nothing else to report.  The media mills are either trying to appear sensitive to human concerns or they are part of the monger-society selling what attracts people.  If the talk in most homes followed the script of most news items most residents would want a change of address.  Few seem willing to admit that we are a dying race, a race without a goal, and a race with little remorse. The total weight of bad news combines with unapologetic attitudes to crush the human spirit. 

People who are in authority with illusions of themselves as infallible and who refuse to admit their failures are the worst type of person to provide information.  Wars have been fought because mistakes were covered up and worse evidence has been fabricated. It is time for fresh water from the well.  The mantras of “doing the right thing” and “staying the course” are popular and destructive.  No-one benefits from drinking muddy and polluted waters.  

The crimes and injustices of the powerful remain under wraps, yet these are the items most needed on the table.  Apologies are the medicine for our troubled and increasingly helpless societies, but for the time being, everyone is right and as long as one carries a bigger stick than one’s neighbours there is no motivation for penitence or apologize. Only the infallible and God need no apologies. Only the hypocrite claims to have made no mistakes.  Human impenitence is a putrefying sore that has one remedy.  It surely is time for the world to hear the major powers apologize collectively and individually for their religious, capitalist and imperial adventures.  We have the power to avert the collapse of the human family.  No one needs be reminded that human minds can be changed, but can the current course to a curse be avoided?  


A revision of an October 2006 article; typos fixed, no change to the opinions, tags added