Little Progress after 34, 000 Dead In Iraq

It is incredible to think that there are still people who actually believe anything the American President and the British Prime Minister say about Iraq.  This duo has convinced some people, mostly media outlets, that the arrival of violence on American soils in September 2001 was a turning point in global history.  That is about as insightful as saying snow in winter is a crisis.
These two leaders are the recipients of an extremely violent heritage.  Britain’s empire days are clearly over.  Britannia can hardly rule the island much less the waves of earth’s oceans.  British leadership is facing the time of their lives trying to convince their own people that the days of prejudice and White privilege are over. The Americans, still considered the most disingenuous entity on earth, once circled the globe, enslaving nations and peoples. need to say something other than let’s get democratic.  The nations of the Middle East and Far East have survived for millennia without western supervision.
The bloodletting that followed the overthrow of Iraq’s government is a lesson for those who think they are leaders in international politics.  Don’t kill anything you cannot resurrect or recreate.
If some-one says that the American initiative in Iraq is a no-good bastard, one would be perfectly right.  Thousands dying each month in Iraq cannot in any way called "better than Saddam Hussein".  The Duplicitous Duo (Bush and Blair) have ruined Iraq, and made sure bad blood will flow between East and West for centuries to come.
Iraq’s wealth is being drained into American pockets.  This may be the only thing that can be called progress in Iraq, and as we suspected, it is progress that does not touch Iraqi lives.
More Americans will die before the kind of Iraq the Duo wants emerges, but far more Iraqis will die to achieve that dying duplicitous dream.